At Justicia Investigations we have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of our formation.


It’s been 30 years of considerable social and legal change, through which Justicia has enjoyed sustained growth without ever straying from our commitment to delivering investigations with integrity. We have clients today who were among those who first used our service 30 years ago, a fact that is a source of great pride to us.


As our long-serving team looked back over the years, we gave ourselves a challenge: To identify the most powerful and essential investigation insights from the past 30 years that are important for our clients to know, and to share these in a way that you can read in just three minutes! Ready?


Start your clock now!


  1. There has been an upward trend in crime within and against companies, and we foresee this continuing for some time. This means that your need to prevent, detect and investigate wrongdoing against your business will be a focus area into the future.


  1. Significant changes in both the laws of the country and in the capacity of the justice system have increased the cost and complexity of investigations, meaning that there needs to be a higher investment in prevention. Read our insightful article, What has changed in 30 years, and what it means for you, here.


  1. As the methods used in fraud and by crime syndicates become more sophisticated, the technology that needs to be used in prevention and detection has evolved. We’ve kept up to date with the latest developments and are always in a position to give guidance based on our experience of what is working and what is not.


  1. Some of the tools that have long been in use are now being more effectively utilised. For example, there has been an important shift to off-site CCTV monitoring. Read why this would be a good solution for you in our article, Off-site CCTV Monitoring – A game-changer in business crime prevention, here. Another long available technology, the polygraph, continues to play a growing role in investigations. Surprised? Read about the invaluable ways in which we and our clients are utilising polygraphs in our article Polygraphs: A growing and legitimate role in preventing and investigating workplace wrongdoing here.


  1. Intelligence has become a pivotal resource in the prevention and early detection of loss. Learn about the most powerful way we can deliver you critical intelligence through our undercover operative service in our article, Undercover operatives playing a pivotal role in crime prevention here.


Stop your clock now!


We hope we’ve delivered on our three-minute promise of essential investigation insights?


But we also hope that you take the time to read and share the four valuable articles that we have given you links to – they are full of essential investigan insights that could transform the effectiveness of your crime prevention, detection and investigation processes.




Finally – we have reflected on the approach that we have taken to delivering our services over the past 30 years, and these are the principles to guide our work, and that we believe are key to our sustained success:


We operate with the utmost integrity, doing work that means our clients must have full trust in our handling of their information.


We work from first principles, such as following the evidence rather than assumptions. We also focus on securing evidence in a legal way so that it can be used in court. Illegally obtained information at worst ruins cases, and at best slows down investigations.


We take a phased approach to an investigation, never requiring a client to commit to a total investigation or guaranteeing a final outcome. Short term phases are agreed and costed, and a remarkable number of cases are actually resolved in a short space of time.


We specialise in investigations across a diverse number of sectors, which means that we have the ability to detect patterns and pursue evidence in a way that is most likely to get to the facts, cost-effectively. It also means that we can share best practices that develop in one sector to the benefit of our clients in other sectors.



Do you know of any other investigations company that has been around for 30 years with a reputation that has gone from strength to strength?


Thank you for being such an important part of our 30-year journey, and we look forward to serving you with equal passion, skill and integrity for decades to come.


We look forward to hearing from you with your comments and queries. Contact us today!