A short but shocking period of looting and damage to business premises in July 2021, predominantly affecting South Africa’s Durban and Johannesburg areas, demonstrated the game-changing impact of off-site CCTV monitoring.

Imagine this real-life scenario.

With all employees having been evacuated and your premises shuttered, you monitor what is happening at your business premises via your mobile phone. It’s a worst-case scenario, you watch in disbelief as your security is breached and you witness in live time a large number of looters ransacking your offices, warehouses and factory. At least you will have the footage as evidence – well that is what you think. Minutes later your onsite CCTV recording device is in the arms of a looter, never to be seen again. That evidence? It’s gone.

In some cases, during the July 2021 onslaught against business properties, the recording devices were not stolen, but were burnt in fires that had been intentionally set.

Either way, the recordings you know existed at one point in time are now not available to help support your insurance claims or to identify the wrongdoers – why may have included insiders that you can no longer take action against.

Fortunately, this kind of scenario is not a regular occurrence. But on an everyday basis we have clients who benefit from our off-site CCTV monitoring service. This is because many of the threats to your business, it’s people and assets do not announce themselves at the front door.  Your front-line security can be unaware that thieves have gained entry without detection. In fact, they may not be outsiders, they may also be those who gain access without any difficulty – as your employees.

As the most experienced providers of off-site CCTV monitoring in South Africa, we have a track record that enables us to demonstrate that through this service you will benefit from:

  • A surprisingly cost-effective approach
  • The benefit of a division of responsibility between your on-site security staff and the CCTV monitors
  • Highly-trained and specialist staff
  • Integration of your onsite security systems, such as external and internal alarms, with our monitoring centre
  • Extensive recording capability and secure storage
  • Significantly reduced loss – simply put, thieves who gain access to your premises are detected quickly, and no longer have the ability to loot at leisure.

Many of our clients have operations that are vast and complex with high-value equipment and goods. Through economies of scale, we are in a position deliver the same peace of mind to the smallest business owner.


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