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Undercover Agents

Placing an undercover operative into a workforce is one of the most efficient & cost effective means for an employer to investigate malfeasance in the workplace.

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Often the questions a company has when experiencing problems are:

  • Was there a mistake in the stock take or do I have a theft problem?
  • Are my dispatchers and receivers honest, are we receiving short or delivering extra?
  • Are my processes and procedures being followed?
  • Are my drivers reliable and honest?
  • Is my stock being damaged intentionally?
  • Are my employees planning industrial action?
  • Are my security staff colluding with staff members?

The age old adage “intelligence is power” rings true when describing the successful infiltration of an undercover operative into the workforce.

The infiltration of an undercover is a cost effective and efficient solution for identifying issues that are not usually visible or noticeable to management. Statistics prove that most crimes in the workplace are committed with the knowledge of other employees, who don’t necessarily condone the action, but fail to report it due to fear of intimidation and reprisal.

This allows the successful infiltration of an undercover agent to have a high success rate in identifying irregularities in the workplace which are not restricted to fraud and theft.

The recruitment and training of an undercover agent is done over time due to the sensitivity of this type of operation. This is managed by covert experts who have many years of experience in handling agents. Our pool of trustworthy agents has been built up over many years by the covert experts. The integrity of these agents is tested regularly through polygraph testing.

The covert expert consults with the client to fully understand the client’s needs and expectations.

The covert expert is then responsible for selecting the correct agent profile to allow compatibility between the agent and the targets, factors taken into account are age, race, language, residential areas, gender, education and skills relating to  the actual job functions to be performed.

The covert expert oversees the entire process from receiving the client brief through to infiltration stage, handling of information from agent to client, to the resolution stage which could include the arrest of culprits, leading of evidence and finally, the successful extraction of the agent.


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