It may be the most disheartening experience you will have as a leader.

It’s that sinking feeling that strikes when you realise that your business has suffered a loss at the hands of a trusted insider.

Of course, it’s worse if the deception involves more than one of your employees, and especially when it has been taking place for some time.

Sadly, it’s a reality that is on the rise. Economic hardships mean that more employed people are falling prey to the prospect of earning extra income – at your expense.

It’s why nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing that we can help you stop these schemes in their tracks. And more and more clients who are targets of theft and fraud at the hands of insiders, outsiders, and insiders and outsiders in collusion, are turning to our solution: professionally trained and managed undercover operatives.

Once our clients are satisfied that we are experts at placing operatives within their workforce in a way that does not arouse suspicion, it’s as if a whole new world of loss prevention opens up for them. It is certainly the start of a trust relationship between Justicia Investigations and the client who quickly comes to see our undercover operatives as an essential service.

The first step is typically a detailed concept discussion at which the company representatives have an opportunity to share their concerns and hear about experiences based on our many long-term operations in high-profile companies. While it may not be possible to position operatives safely immediately, we embark on a process of jointly planning for a strategically-timed infiltration. We also give comfort at these initial discussions as to the roles and responsibilities of Justicia Investigations in terms of the employer-employee relationship.

For some of our clients, undercover operatives are deployed on a project basis to acquire intelligence around a specific problem area, such as the need to clean out a syndicate operation. Other clients take an ongoing, long-term ‘maintenance’ approach in which the operation will be in place on an ongoing basis. The sectors in which we are currently most active include manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and retail.

Clients with large-scale, complex operations will often have multiple agents on one site, as they require operatives in different target areas.  Justicia Investigations maintains a policy of individual management of each agent in order to prevent their exposure to each other. This creates the additional benefit that we can verify information received from one agent with that from another.

The reason we are so passionate about the value of our undercover operative service is simple – the results enjoyed by our clients are startling. Being able to receive insights into activities and attitudes on the shopfloor that have not been filtered by a first-line manager empowers you to take action. The sooner you know that there is a threat to your assets, the less time you will need to spend on retrospective investigations, and the less total loss you will suffer.


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