Stock Loss In The Healthcare Sector - Hand CuffsIn this case of stock loss, where vast amounts of company consumables were disappearing on a daily basis. Justicia sent in an undercover agent, who located a good place to place for a covert surveillance camera to be installed. After two weeks the camera footage confirmed the clients worst concerns … When company consumables disappear, this can have dire consequences and, in extreme circumstances, can result in a company having to close its doors. A client in the healthcare sector approached us with serious concerns about large scale stock losss where stock and consumable were constantly going missing and the replacement thereof becoming unaffordable. After our briefing with the client who, in this case, chose to keep the matter internal and did not wish to lay criminal charges, our team of experts devised an action plan to establish the cause of the losses and negate the effect on the business. Infiltration of an Undercover Agent We initially advised the infiltration of an undercover agent, strategically placed in a position to gather information and identify the transgressors and modus operandi. Shortly after infiltrating, the agent gathered sufficient information for the Justicia surveillance electronic experts to design a covert camera installation that would not violate anyone’s privacy, but at the same time cover all focal points where acts of theft were occurring. Our surveillance team successfully managed to do a covert installation by posing as a crew that was on the site to install network cables. Camera footage was covertly collected for approximately two weeks. The footage confirmed the undercover agent’s information that a large number of staff was taking stock home when they were knocking off duty. Stock Loss In The Healthcare Sector - Questions Regarding EmployeesFrom the footage we were able to identify the transgressors and, together with the agent and the client, could put names to faces. A comprehensive report of all transgressions was compiled, detailing the evidence obtained, so that our client could confidently proceed with a disciplinary process. Thanks to the overwhelming evidence, the transgressors all plead guilty during the disciplinary process. A total of twenty-four employees were dismissed. This investigative process provided guidance to implement a cost effective preventative strategy, including thorough applicant screening to employ individuals who are essentially honest and have a good work ethic. The latest feedback from our client is that there have been no further stock loss incidents. The saying that prevention is better than cure rings true! “RATHER A THOUSAND ENEMIES OUTSIDE THE HOUSE THAN ONE INSIDE“