Justicia Investigations was approached by a NGO responsible for the welfare of the less fortunate. The organisation depended heavily on donations and it soon became clear that theft was taking place based on their dramatic drop in funds over a short period of time which essentially meant someone was stealing from the poor. Management within the welfare organisation was desperate for answers and contacted Justicia Investigations. Justicia Investigations infiltrated an undercover operative in order to obtain more intelligence about activity behind the scenes. The covert operative soon established that personnel at ground level, who dealt with the donations, were helping themselves to the funds, and stealing from the poor on a daily basis. The welfare investigation team now required evidence, which was soon achieved through covert surveillance and the installation of covert cameras in strategic areas within their operation. The implicated employees were polygraphed and questioned once sufficient evidence was obtained. All of the employees that were interviewed failed their polygraph examinations and subsequently confessed, leading to their dismissals.