In celebration of our 20th anniversary,  Justicia Investigations has decided to put together write ups  from our actual case files, highlighting the most common threats in business and the effective, structured solutions applied for effective resolution. Solved Case - Suspicious Man Driving A CarThis solved case, like many others, has to do with, what is termed in business parlance, “shrinkage” or in plain English, theft. For some reason there seems to be a commonly held belief among employees that removing stock or property, ie stealing from your employer isn’t actually stealing at all. We all know how easy it is to rationalise away a notebook taken from the stock cupboard and put into a briefcase or a ream of paper, or using the company petrol for private business or the company phone to make overseas calls. What about company time? By now most readers are probably feeling a bit uncomfortable, so let’s move on to this case where a driver was stealing stock from a warehouse. When briefed by a client about stock going missing from his warehouse, Justicia’s investigators quickly determined that it had to be an inside job, so they infiltrated an undercover agent and set the wheels in motion to solve the “case of the dodgy driver.” Read more of our solved case files and unsolved case files on our website.