Justicia Investigations were called in to assist with the identifying and apprehending of a show house syndicate that had targeted estate agents in wealthy areas, committing thefts at show-houses. Show House Syndicate Header Towards the end of March 2013 another such theft took place. This time a Blackberry cell phone, Ipod, digital camera, expensive jewellery, dictaphone and PSP were stolen. Justicia’s investigators used its informer network and shortly after taking the case, information was received. With the assistance of the SAPS, this information was followed up and a Coloured male and female aged about 25, were arrested at a drug house. Both suspects appeared in court on 14 March 2013 and were remanded in custody. During the arrests, the accused admitted to regularly dressing up as wealthy potential buyers, under the false names of Antonio and Adriana Adams, visiting expensive homes in upper-class neighbourhoods. The couple would pose as husband and wife, the “wife” looking and acting pregnant. This was however just part of the ploy as she had a false tummy that they used to hide the stolen items in. The “husband” and “wife” would take turns to distract the estate agent while the other searched rooms for valuable items. They then spent a few days selling off the stolen goods and using the proceeds mainly for purchasing food and drugs, before they struck again the next Sunday. Police Officer With A Gun In Holster Example In The Show House Syndicate We suspect that several estate agents have fallen victim to these con-artists and all victims are welcome to contact Justicia Investigations so that criminal cases can be added to the current case. Several of the stolen items including jewellery, Ipods, digital cameras and Blackberry cell phones, were subsequently recovered from the individuals that bought the stolen goods from the suspects.