Justicia Investigations was contacted by a client and requested to investigate a case of theft in their company. The client was in a state of panic after receiving a call from an informer known as “November”, providing the client, information regarding a theft syndicate that was operating within his company. The informer, “November”, reported to the client that his company manager had been purchasing stolen goods from employees in the client’s company and felt it necessary to report the matter now that his manager was out of town. The informer stated that he could communicate with the employees at the client’s company that were selling the stolen goods and buy directly from them while the manager was out of town in order to catch the culprits. Our client immediately contacted Justicia Investigations to investigate the matter further. An investigator soon made contact with the informer and immediately began piecing the puzzle together. The informer repeated his story to the investigator but added that he would need airtime and R 3 000 to communicate with the culprits and purchase the goods. The investigator offered to meet with the informer beforehand as some of the puzzle was not piecing together when questioning him. The informer became evasive and demanded that airtime and R 3 000 must first be transferred to him. At this stage it became clear that this informer was in fact a scam artist! There are a number of scams taking place. Be aware and contact Justicia Investigations should you need further advice. Justicia Investigation uncovered a similar scam last year that was actually operating out of Westville Prison!!!