Willem Marshall, a polygraphist with leading national private investigation agency, Justicia Investigations reported that far too many employers are under the impression that theft, fraud and corruption will never surface in their companies. Marshall stated that “People need to realise that there is more and more organised crime out there and that they are being targeted”.

Organised Crime. Paper Folders In A Filing Cabinet Pertaining to Investigations

With the ever increasing ‘career criminals’ and organised crime in South Africa more and more businesses are now turning to polygraph testing to assist in avoiding workplace crime and organised crime and identify would-be troublemakers before they are even employed. The thought of going for a polygraph test would possibly instil fear into the most innocent employee but it is not a ‘lie detector test’ depicted in the latest James Bond movie, on the contrary it is a sophisticated system that brings together issues that include not only the graphs and charts produced by the computers to which candidates are connected, but also a host of verbal and non-verbal communications.  These tests can also go on to uncover drinking and drug related problems which could be catastrophic when employing anyone.  Read more on this interesting in-depth topic of ensnaring career criminals.