night-staff-collusions A Justicia client had a suspicion that his night staff were up to no good and decided to discuss the matter with investigators to get to the bottom of the problem, as he had not managed to obtain evidence to verify his suspicion. After consultation, a decision was made to gather intelligence, to confirm exactly what was going on during night shifts. Justicia Investigations Covert Operations Manager, Andre Visser was appointed to lead the investigation. An Undercover Operative was infiltrated to work with the night shift production team to monitor staff movement and productivity issues. The skill of Andre’s selection and infiltration process, together with the experience of the Operative, paid dividend immediately. supervice-production The Operative quickly established what the rest of the night staff already knew – the Shift Supervisor and the Site Manager colluded, allowing one to look out for the other while they took turns leaving the site shortly after clocking in. clock-in A sting operation was planned and it was decided the client would pay a surprise visit once the Operative confirmed that either of the suspects had left the site. On the night chosen for the sting operation, the night staff, including the Manager, Supervisor and Operative booked on duty. Immediately after clocking in, the Operative noticed the Supervisor leaving the site. The information was relayed to the client. As planned, the client gave the Supervisor enough time to get some distance away from the company premises before phoning the Manager and requesting to speak to the Supervisor. The Manager informed the client that the Supervisor was busy in the factory and offered to give him a message. The client advised that he would call back later and proceeded to the site. On arrival at the company premises, the client met with the Manager, who continued with claims that the Supervisor was in the factory. The client insisted on checking the factory, together with the Manager and confirmed the Supervisor was not on site. The Manager feigned surprise, until his cellular phone, which was company property, was checked. The phone revealed several text messages to the Supervisor, alerting him of the client’s visit. where-are-you A short while later, the Supervisor arrived back at the company premises driving a company vehicle which had been used without authorization. It was at this stage that both the Manager and the Supervisor confessed to their dishonesty and agreed to make written statements to this effect. The matter was concluded with disciplinary hearings being held, during which both parties pleaded guilty.