Hire Undercover AgentsUndercover agent, mole, plant, informer, spy – not all the descriptive words give a good impression. Clients are sometimes reluctant to employ or hire undercover agents. But we often ask these clients, “are the criminals playing by the rules?” “ if not, surely you are entitled to employ or hire undercover agents or utilise non conformist means to catch them in their efforts to enrich themselves illegally at your expense?” The “moral” issue, aside, it is a practical consideration that administrative systems, checks and balances, security protocols and audit mechanisms are often effective in themselves in dealing with the threats of corruption, fraud, corruption, bribery, extortion, conflict of interest, theft etc. But criminals often operate in collusion with other parties (internally or externally) in an effort to circumvent even the most sophisticated risk management interventions. All over the world information is gathered by undercover operatives to assist private and state owned security facilities to not only apprehend criminals ( a reactive response) but also to reduce illegal activity over time (pro-active). To find out more information, contact Justicia Investigations.