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What do the words “Polygraph” or “lie detector” mean to you? Most of us associate these terms with criminals. However this is not always the case, lie detector tests can be used for multiple reasons and can prove helpful when used by employers. So, what are lie detector tests used for? Lie detector tests, formally referred to as “polygraph tests” can be used for multiple reasons, these include:

  • Pre-employment tests
  • Routine tests
  • Incident related tests

It is interesting to note that lie detector tests have often lead to the perpetrators confessing to their offences due to a fear they have of the test or a realisation that the truth is about to come out regardless of whether or not they choose to share it. The test has, on numerous occasions, detected petty offences as well as more serious ones (alcohol or drug abuse related). How does a lie detector test work? Four to six sensors are attached to the respondent, the instrument then detects multiple (poly) signals from the sensor recording (graph). The sensors record a person’s breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. At the beginning of the test, the examiner asks a series of general questions to reveal the person’s normal signals and then questions are asked regarding the incident. The Justicia Investigations’ team of lie detector experts have years of experience behind them and have been trained by the Academy for Scientific Investigative Training and the American International Institute as professional lie detector examiners. Our team offers comprehensive, trustworthy and reliable solutions and advice. Lie detector tests are performed in a very short space of time and help to avoid a lengthy investigative procedures. What are your rights? No person is legally obliged to undergo a lie detector test, but it is important to note that the reluctance to take one can arouse suspicion as to the reasons for declining. Pre-employment polygraphs are not legally enforceable either, but again, can raise suspicion as to what you may have to hide. Can you cheat a lie detector test? It is not possible to cheat a lie detector test. The machine is designed to detect when you are telling a lie, by measuring your heart rate and other signals. These signals will help the examiner to detect when you are stressed or nervous about answering a specific question. It is impossible to prepare for the test in any way or know what it is that you will be asked, therefore it is not possible to prepare or cheat during a lie detector test. Please contact Justicia Investigations if you have any other questions pertaining to lie detector tests.