I hope you have all had a great weekend whether you are a Springbok supporter or not! For the rest of you there was a feast of other activity that was available and I hope you took advantage even though the weather didn’t play its part. In one of our recent blog articles we wrote of the reasoning for choosing an independent criminal investigation and gave a brief background on our opinion on the matter. Part of the argument was the incapacity of the police due to their workload, which takes its toll on badly paid or unmotivated personnel. This is an atmosphere primed for the private investigation industry which can provide that personal touch to an investigation to ensure the most effective result possible. Watching Carte Blanche last night and conceptualising the story on “Cops Under Fire” I could only see statistics that support our viewpoint. (www.carteblanche.co.za) In the interview on Carte Blanche the police Commissioner spoke of a 10 point plan to Curb police killing, a policy that is years old and ineffective. I can only feel that all of this pushes people to engage in services that we offer. Find out more about Justicia Investigation Services.