The world is experiencing ongoing financial crisis and businesses are terrified to cut back. Refer Mercury yesterday 15 August 2011, and every publication for the last few weeks. The US has an ever deepening credit problem, Greece is in trouble, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal are introducing “authority measures”. In tough times such as these, businesses are terrified to cut back on expenses that are not explicitly contributing to the “bottom line.” Security measures are sometimes perceived to fall into this category. But this is because many businessmen invest their “security spend” in a re-active rather than proactive manner. Experience shows, time and time again, that money invested in preventative measures is far more cost effective than waiting for the problems to arise, before rushing in to rescue them. Highly cost effective pro-active measures to consider are Justicia, undercover operatives, etc. Finally, in these times of reducing profit margins, it is worth calling in experts to examine your security budget, to see if there is a more effective way of budgeting for what is, after all, a “grudge expense”.