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In 2005 Justicia investigations identified a need to improve the CCTV security operations for a national client.

The primary focus of this service was to increase service delivery and utilise the current CCTV system to its full potential. Justicia has continuously met these objectives. The focus was to change over from the conventional security officer (CCTV Security Operator) to specifically trained individuals (Surveillance Operators) and make the service independent from physical security with a focus on investigative/intelligence background.

Shortly after inception the focus changed from the conventional CCTV operators conducting purely a security function. The operation was diversified to cover various other essential services needed for the client’s rapidly changing environment. These changes resulted in a support structure to the various departments within the company not only limited to security, but Health and Safety, environmental impact, production support, investigations and random audits.

The experience gained has equipped the Justicia team to tailor make CCTV solutions for organisations in numerous business sectors, from a single operator to a team of 50 or more operators.

Justicia’s Surveillance Operators are handpicked and highly trained individuals. While security (PSIRA) grading structures are an indication of a security officer’s ability we do not believe that this can be used as an absolute yard-stick for the selection of personnel. Rather we are of the opinion that it is a combination of personality traits, physical attributes, communication skills and specific training that make up the selection criteria.

Our opinion is that the best way to ensure the most reliable service delivery is to put the best possible candidate in the position. That is why we employ an extensive screening process when hiring which continues with intensive candidate evaluation for specific jobs. Instead of “screening-out” undesirable candidates for jobs, we concentrate on “screening-in” the best candidate, matching the skills of the officer to the skill requirements needed for the job. The typical screening process could include:

  • Review Of Company Standards and Job Specifications
  • Employment Background Check & Personal Reference Check
  • Internet PSIRA Registration Checks
  • Polygraph Integrity Test (Where Required By The Client)
  • Orientation Testing and Evaluation Sessions
  • File Review and Interview by Senior Management
  • Client Involvement and Recommendations


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