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CCTV Systems

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) has evolved over the years to such an extent that CCTV experts have become highly skilled specialists in their own right.

The Justicia Investigations technical team is constantly designing cost effective, tailor made CCTV solutions to suit their client’s needs, whether the client requires real time footage with easy access via computer monitor/ cellphone or an outsourced solution.

CCTV systems range from small, inexpensive, stand-alone systems to multi million Rand systems. In large corporate clients they make use of several hundred cameras that are networked over the company’s IT infrastructure and with Video Management Systems that are integrated with other systems including, time & attendance systems, biometric access control systems, security alarm systems, building management systems, communication systems etc.

The subject is far too vast to cover in a short insert but it must be understood that CCTV systems go far beyond just the placement of cameras and that consultation with a reputable professional is vital to achieve the appropriate and cost effective solution, no matter what the size or cost of the system is.

Applications of CCTV also go far beyond just attempting to capture theft on film. CCTV cameras are used for many applications including emergency response & evacuation, fire control, OHS (Occupational, Health & Safety) applications, environmental control, manufacturing process control and investigations.

The Justicia team boasts a proud track record combining CCTV and their in house trained Surveillance Operators that manage and monitor the CCTV system, whether it is a large control centre with numerous surveillance operators or a single manned control centre as well as off-site monitoring.  It is important that such control rooms are staffed by competent people with the correct training, situational awareness and management processes in place. It is also important that job descriptions are assigned to each camera to maximise the effectiveness of the monitoring process. If this is not done, the control room operation becomes a non-productive and expensive exercise with the operators relegated to nothing more than “seat warmers”.

It is just as important in the off-site control rooms that the surveillance operators are appropriately trained on each client’s individual needs. Even companies that operate on-site control rooms can benefit from an off-site operation working in conjunction with the on-site control room.


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