Justicia Newsletter - June 2015

Bugging & De-bugging: Protect Your Information!
How often do you get the feeling that someone has gained access to information that is strictly confidential or that a private conversation has been eavesdropped?
Trust your gut, it is more than likely correct!
2015 has seen an increase in the demand for the services of our Technical Department to perform de-bugging services.

(TSCM - Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures)
Numerous articles in the news over the recent past indicate that there is an increase in people and organisations being bugged. The media reports have created awareness of bugging and we concur that enquiries regarding bugging practices have been on the increase and the suspicions of bugging practices has not been without justification.
Our Operations Director, Alan Carey and Technical Manager, Leo Nardi, are to be applauded for their vision in staying ahead. The end of 2014 saw the Justicia Board approve a substantial budget to upgrade equipment and to send technical staff on expert training.
Please feel free to contact Alan should you require further information, or visit links provided below and on our website to various press releases and related information.

"Industrial espionage is at an all-time high in South Africa."
Alan Carey - Justicia Operations Director talks to The Times about the latest debugging equipment available to protect information.
"It is getting easier and cheaper to spy on your partner or business rival these days"
Alan Carey - Justicia Operations Director speaking to The Sunday Times.